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14/03/02 wow! what a jump. as you may have noticed, i haven't updated this page since ages ago, but right now i just started a redesign, ans i'm really planning to make this place more lively again ;)

21/11/00 the new ojuice v3 is rather impressive, although a bit slow and sort of overloaded

05/11/00 dialogos 2k is over (results...) (releases...) and, as usual, (crest's report)

10/10/00 whoever had them first, i saw the 'styled' scrollbars today on ojuice and cfxweb and went on to rip 'em ;)

10/10/00 omg, no updates in 6 weeks... we are lame. greetings to prace^suburban ;)

12/08/00 hugi issue #20 is out for several days already ( (hugi hp...)

25/07/00 poti has released the infofile for evoke2000 (

10/07/00 uc4 videoclips available here

09/07/00 'a demo day keeps the doctor away', they say. check calodox's cool approach of a searchable demo database (demoo...)

09/07/00 tum have temporary disabled their homepage when being accused of ripping from today... compare: ( (

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