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08/07/00 tum are also getting their uc4 memorial photos online (

06/07/00 wayfinder^azure has released a new remix of has released a new rmx of 'hymn'. i'd prefer the original, but judge yourself (11,3mb .mp3...) (azure hp...)

05/07/00 and even more uc4 stuff: (temp releases...)

05/07/00 and here we go with more uc4 stuff: (falschpork bilderbuch report...)
ryg's report...) (official results...)

04/07/00 yeah... uc4gw was great. check the reports by crest and tum and our photo pack (1,5mb .zip)

22/05/00 grab pain 05/00 ( (homepage...)

30/04/00 strange things are being reported form this year's mekka party

30/04/00 hugi #19 has been released today ( (homepage...)

28/03/00 the moonrise artpack #4 contains some great pixel gfx (

23/03/00 another quality track from azure: 'live is fatal' (6mb .mp3)

17/03/00 amiga fans will love it: the ms2k invitation intro (homepage...)

11/03/00 don't miss the debut release of the new trance label azure: 'hymn' by wayfinder&phace. it's a true killer track. yeah! (3,6mb .it) (4,6mb .mp3)

20/02/00 the new pain mag is available ( (homepage...)

16/02/00 looking for a different party? check uc4gw

18/01/00 chiptune maniacs click to melcom's archive and get horny