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29/12/99 the new pain mag is available ( (homepage...)

26/12/99 hugi dismag issue #18 is out ( (homepage)

20/12/99 yo! grab the 'christmas chips' collection for w9x (homepage...)

15/12/99 shine6 diskmag has been released ( (homepage...)

14/12/99 the tum'99 results and releases are available (results...) (releases...)

05/12/99 music lovers go check out 'return to stage 9' for great tunes. almost 5 hours of audial stimulation ;)

24/11/99 the breed'99 party is over (results...) (releases...)

18/11/99 if you followed scene releases in '99, go vote for sunray

11/11/99 finally acid strikes back with a brand-new, completely re-structured website. this one is definately a must-see! (

22/10/99 in a team-up with and we have opened a new scene forum for you! happy communicating! ;)

18/10/99 issue 10/99 of the pain diskmag is out ( (homepage...)

04/10/99 read crest's dialogos'99 report (report...)

04/10/99 the dialogos'99 party is over (results...) (releases...)

15/09/99 'discloned' final version by haujobb has been released (

29/08/99 issue #17 of the hugi diskmag is out ( (homepage...)

26/08/99 avatar did a nice evoke'99 report. german only, though ;). (report...)

24/08/99 the evoke'99 party is over (results...) (releases...)

11/08/99 vantage is organizing a cheap 'cause sponsored bus trip from switzerland through france and germany to dialogos'99 in jena (more info...)

09/08/99 the assembly'99 party is over (results...) (releases...)

07/08/99 fokus pack #6 has been released ( (somnium)

29/07/99 issue #16 of the hugi diskmag is out! ( (homepage...)

17/07/99 check out acid acquisition #81: (acid-81a.rar) (acid-81b.rar)

13/07/99 ansi fans and group leaders: check out somnium - the idle dreams pack viewer

10/07/99 new hosted site: hugi - the "world's most popular active diskmag"

27/06/99 the uc3d'99 party is over. (results...) (releases...)

24/06/99 check out acid acquisition #80: (acid-80a.rar) (acid-80b.rar)

23/06/99 ever wanted to convert ansi art to a jpg? try using ice ansiconv

10/06/99 clothes'r'us: jinx hackwear ;). 'cause it's good for you.

09/06/99 the takeover'99 party is over. (results...) (releases...)

08/06/99 the guys at ice have relaunched their website. i especially like the ansi interface - great!

08/06/99 have a look at - they're heavily working on their site, but it seems very promising

18/05/99 new hosted site: tyree - soundscapes is now hosting with us

mekka & symposium 2k-1 is over, get all results & releases here: